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SnackShare Feed, Friday 18th December 2015

Only 1 week til Christmas!! 🎄🎄🎄

From the Community

Deliciously Ella at HuffPost Food shares an amazing “Gluten Free Mince Pie Recipe

Kirsten Nunez at Bustle shares “9 Gluten Free Holiday Dessert Recipes To End Your Meal In The Most Perfect Way

Susan Semenak at National Post shares these tasty “Gluten-Free Holiday Treat Recipes That Everyone Will Enjoy

From the Industry

Jeanne Rose at Gazette Review discusses how the “Demand For Gluten-Free Products Leads To Tastier Options

Sarah Jacoby at Refinery29 discusses a recent gluten sensitivity study in “This Could Be What’s Causing Your Gluten Sensitivity

Anna Amad at The Science Times gives us a clearer understanding on “Why Gluten-Free Diet Is Important To People With Coeliac Disease”


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